100 Strangers Project, Set 13

The final 10, from the final session. This is it. This set completes the 100 Strangers Project.

I'll admit, I was moving a little too fast on that day, and kind of missing the point of this whole project. But I was eager for it to be done. I had been working on it since July last year. I figured it was about time to wrap it up and start thinking about the next project.

I went through the first four very quickly, starting with Sandy, Stranger 91, from Kansas City, David, Stranger 92, from Spain, and a couple, Katya, Stranger 93 and Philip, Stranger 94. Even though I was moving too fast, I wasn't snap-shooting. Each subject, each stranger, got the attention they deserved. Each portrait was still shot as carefully as the last. But I didn't take enough time to talk and get to know my subjects a little, and I regret that.

I follow the Humans of New York Blog, and even though the photography isn't especially impressive, each portrait is made complete by the photographer's interactions with his subjects. He often asks deep, personal questions. And people open up to him. My own project was different. I was trying to deal with the anxiety of approaching strangers, and getting over my own shyness. But I wish I had done a little more, gone a bit further, asked more questions, and gotten to know some of these interesting people.
This gets me thinking about my next project, about how to connect with a subject on a more personal level. But I'll save that discussion for another time.

Chiara, Stranger 95. She was with her family, visiting California from Argentina. Her long black hair, her fair skin, and her unique look caught my eye. Derek, Stranger 96, and his amusing t-shirt. Joseph, Stranger 97; I think his friend was a bit suspicious of me, and why I chose Joseph. "Is this a religious thing?" she asked. I think she meant, did I pick Joseph because of his religion? The answer is no. I didn't. The guy just stood out from the crowd. I thought he'd make a good subject for a portrait. It was that simple.

Cyrus, Stranger 98, a musician. The hat, leather jacket, and necklace caught my eye. Cipriana, Stranger 99; I spotted her and her very unusual hairstyle from a distance. And finally, Grant, Stranger 100, from England, the lead singer in the rockabilly/punk band "Grant and the Geezers". His irreverent sense of humor, the witty jokes and innuendos; somehow they were funnier in his British accent. He was a great subject on which to finish this project.

So there it is. All 100 portraits, shot, edited and blogged. At that's left to do now is gather them all into a gallery page (I'm still trying to figure out optimal sizes and resolution so that the portraits look their best on any given display). As I mentioned in my last post, I still plan to say a little more about this project, the experience, the lessons learned, maybe some tips to anyone looking to do their own 100 Strangers Project. And I want to add some alternate shots, outtakes and behind-the-scenes photos.

And then, on to the next project.