100 Stranger Project, Set 5

Another week, another post, another set of portraits. 

Started things off with Jessica (Stranger 27) this session. I was glad she said yes because I ended up really liking this photo. The light catching her hair and her bright smile made for a good portrait. 

When I approached Antonio (Stranger 28), (actually, it's probably more accurate to say that he approached me), I told him about my 100 Strangers Project, and he quickly corrected me; he said, we're not strangers, we're just distant relatives that haven't met yet. He insisted on putting a few extra pieces of "flair" around his neck before I could take his portrait. 

Betanya (Stranger 29) caught my eye with her piercings, her eyelashes, and her unusual scarf, if it could be called that. I was hesitant to approach, though, because she had a dog. A big dog. On a chain. 

Emily (Stranger 30) was easy to spot in a crowd. She must have been 6 feet tall at least, and with her long and very blond hair, I thought she'd make a good subject. 

Jeff (Stranger 31) and Brandy (Stranger 32) are another couple I approached. I liked their retro look. By this time, the clouds had rolled in so my lighting was a bit flat, but I think I managed to get enough out of the reflector for a decent portrait. 

Every time I make a dent in my editing backlog, I add new portraits. Not complaining. I'm up to 59 total people photographed. 

Back to work. See you next time.