100 Strangers Project, Set 4

An on to the next set! I'm going to try to keep up with weekly posts. 

Cassie (Stranger 22) and Mark (Stranger 23) are another young couple that I approached for this project.

It's always a little tricky approaching couples and groups. Sometimes, one member of the couple or group is up for participating in my project, but the others are not, and that usually means that I won't be making a portrait of anyone. But I got lucky this time. I thought Cassie and Mark would both make good subjects, and they both said yes. 

I learned that Kris (Stranger 24) is a scientist. I chatted with her for a little while about my job. Masha (Stranger 25) was very patient; there was a lot of people walking through our background, and so we had to wait for them to clear. 

Sasha (Stranger 26) was a tourist (from either Germany or Russia, I can't remember). She was in the middle of a little photoshoot when I saw her. I asked if I could interrupt and make a quick portrait. I was glad she said yes, because I ended up really liking this one. 

I'm up to 50 portraits now, although only 26 are on the website as of this post. I'm still a bit backlogged.  

Back to work. See you next time.